Prepare for International Travel

Beyond traditional study and work abroad opportunities, the College encourages student organizations to host international experiences for your members. The College policy is built upon the Sponsored Group International Travel Policy, which began in winter 2013 for all student organizations in the College of Engineering.

Student Organization International Experience Process

  1. Confirm your student org registration status at the University of Michigan through Maize Pages.
  2. Attend the Go Blue, Go Abroad! Workshop to learn more about planning a trip, preparing for travel, and funding resources. 
  3. Submit the Maize Phase proposal requirements (Travel team needs to start application available via MCompass) by the dates listed in the calendar.
    1. The goal of Maize Phase is for your organization to determine the purpose of your travel and to start thinking about logistics. 
  4. Complete the Blue Phase proposal requirements (MCompass application will be created for you based on successful completion of Maize Phase) by the dates listed in the calendar.
    1. Finalize the technical, logistical, health, and safety details of your organization’s international experience. 
  5. Await approval by the College of Engineering.
    1. Complete any final requests by the College to secure approval.
    2. Notify the committee of any proposal changes. Resubmit materials for approval, if necessary.
  6. All travelers attend the Pre-Departure Orientation meeting.
  7. Complete the Wolverine Phase requirements in MCompass by the dates listed in the calendar.

Please Note:

  • If your organization does not complete the international travel process within the timeline noted on IPE’s website OR a modified and approved timeline, the College reserves the right to remove all support for the trip and issue a letter stating as such to the organization president and advisor.
  • Funding applications for Spring and Summer 2019 travel will open in October and will close in January.
  • Apply for funding for international travel here during the open timeframe.

Contact Information:

Matt Hancock, International Programs Advisor – For travel changes, planning, international travel policies, MCompass and process questions

Mariah Fiumara, Student Affairs Program Manager – For funding, travel changes, internal team conflicts, and university student org policies and questions