Sponsorship and Affiliation

The Office of Student Affairs coordinates and provides funding from the College of Engineering, plays an important role in leadership education on campus, and provides student organization support. Through our office, students may apply for:

Apply for Engineering Affiliation

In order for the college to best maximize resources to help support engineering related student organizations, ALL recognized student organizations, both sponsored and voluntary, must apply for engineering affiliation. Receiving engineering affiliation allows student organizations to utilize CoE rooms and request funding from the college.


  • Please complete the form below as soon as possible, so that student organization business is not interrupted.
  • Your application will be reviewed as quickly as possible.
  • A notification of the college’s decision will be emailed to the student organization president.

Please note that applying does not mean that your request for engineering affiliation will be approved. Engineering affiliation is based on the answers to the form, and simply having engineering students in the organization does not meet the college’s expectations for affiliation. If you have any questions please reach out to Mariah Fiumara.

Link to Engineering Affiliation Application Form

Student Organization Sponsorship

Student organization sponsorship (SSO status) can aid student organizations by providing leadership, administrative, and financial literacy support that may not otherwise be available to the organization. This process is only applicable for certain organizations and it requires the organizations to have a faculty advisor and be affiliated with the College of Engineering.

Please be aware that sponsorship renewal is not a given. Approval is based on the quality of the submission, including the clarity and completeness of the questions answered, as well as the individual student organization’s situation.


  • Must current SSO’s must reapply between April and July each year. Sponsorship requests will not be received after August 1st. If you missed the window, please apply for a sponsored event as described in the section below.
  • The organization must be active as an Engineering-affiliated student organization.
  • The organization must be recognized in Maize Pages for at least one year.
  • If you would like to apply to move from a VSO to a SSO, please fill out the application found here and email it to Mariah Fiumara. These will only be accepted between March and May 1st.

Process for Renewing SSO Status:

  • Review the sponsorship form provided below.
  • Complete the answers required in the form (highlighted in yellow). We recommend saving frequently so that work is not lost and so that you have a copy of the form for future edits.
  • Send the completed sponsorship agreement in Google Doc format to [email protected] for review. (Please note that signatures will be collected later in the process and should be left blank at this point.)
  • Your materials will be reviewed and feedback will be given. This may result in the form being sent back for further updates before moving on. Please be patient in this process as there are many forms and only two reviewers.
  • The completed and signed agreement will be electronically sent to the org by OSA to complete the Maize Pages registration process required by the University.

CoE SSO Agreement 2024-2025- Blank

College Sponsored Events

Voluntary student organizations, and those student organizations that were not able to/did not register for SSO sponsorship, are allowed to apply for sponsorship for specific events.  Event sponsorship can be arranged at any time of the year, as long as it is at least three weeks in advance of the requested event. This will allow the student organization to receive agreed upon benefits for the approved event. The process is described below.


  • Email Kate Killewald ([email protected]) to request an Event Sponsorship Application.
  • Fill out the required documents as part of the application. ONLY once ALL the documents have been completed can you schedule a meeting to have your application reviewed.
  • During the 30-minute meeting, you will work with OSA to complete the required agreement and review specific guidelines for college event sponsorship.
  • After the event, you will be sent the final budget template and event summary document. These documents must be completed for auditing purposes. Failure to do so may prevent future event sponsorships or future engineering affiliation status.

For a more detailed overview of the process or to learn more about why it is in place, please see our VSO Guide to Event Sponsorship.