Student Organizations & Groups

Taking into consideration the eligibility requirements and criteria for funding awards, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is able to provide student organizations and student project groups with financial support for their activities, events, travel, and services.

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*Please note that funds will not be awarded retroactively, make sure to submit your request(s) prior to the deadline before your event date.

August 9th, 2016 February 14th, 2017
September 13th, 2016 March 14th, 2017
October 11th, 2016 April 11th, 2017
November 8th, 2016 May 9th, 2017
December 13th, 2016 June 13th, 2017
January 10th, 2017 July 10th, 2017



  • Recognized student organizations in good standing with the University or student project groups.
    • If you haven’t done so already, verify your student organization on
      Maize Pages.
  • The application must be completed in its entirety and submitted by the appropriate deadline.
  • Must submit detailed budget document in XLS or PDF format with application. Use this template as a guide. View instructions here.


  • Number of participants involved
  • Degree of direct and indirect benefit to CoE students
  • Scope, scale and timeline of event design and execution
  • Effort made to collaborate with other student organizations
  • Effort made to obtain funding from other sources
  • Financial status and/or demonstrated need for funds
  • Application completeness and presentation

The following will not be considered for funding:

  • Applications with non-itemized budgets
  • Social events
  • Food for general meetings




  • Complete the online application for funding and submit before deadline. The funding request must be made by an authorized signer of the organization.
  • Applications will be reviewed once per month. The request must be submitted by 5:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month. The list of funding request deadlines for the 2016- 2017 academic year are listed above. Applications submitted past the deadline will not be reviewed until the following month.
  • In the event the request does not meet eligibility for funding or is incomplete, an OSA staff member will ask for more information or decline the request via email.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs. OSA decisions may be in the form of one of the following:
    • Fund the entire amount requested
    • Fund a reduced amount requested
    • Fund with specific restrictions
    • Fund a reduced amount of the request with specific restrictions
    • Deny the entire request
  • Decisions will be communicated via email to the applicant
  • If the request is approved, funds will be transferred directly to the organization’s SOAS or sponsoring department account. Please note that it may take up to 21 business days for the transfer to be completed.
  • Organizations/project groups receiving an allocation must submit an evaluation of the activity within 21 days following the event. The original contact for the funding request will receive an email from OSA staff to complete this evaluation. Failure to complete the evaluation will impact future funding decisions and may alter the student organization’s status with the College.


As a public institution, the University of Michigan prohibits the use of funds for purchase of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms as well as for political campaigning/lobbying.



  • Recognized Student Organization – University of Michigan sponsored student organization or voluntary student organizations
  • Student Project Group – Engineering students participating in group activities that are not formal student organizations and are related to academic initiatives.