Student Government

ESG (Engineering Student Government)

ESG (Engineering Student Government) is the student-run government for engineers at the University of Michigan. We ensure that students have a voice on campus, whether they have a concern or they would like to join one of our committees. Our responsibilities range from providing funding for student groups to hosting campus events.  ESG will work directly to improve the student experience at the University of Michigan College of Engineering through our own initiatives and supporting the initiatives of others seeking to do the same. We will hear the voice of the student body and advocate for it to the College Administration and University.

Rackham Student Government

RSG strives to improve the graduate student experience at the University of Michigan through academic and professional programs, extracurricular engagement, community service, and multi-level advocacy.

The Engineering Honor Council is a student group that oversees the administration of the Honor Code, investigates reported violations, and educates the students and faculty about the Honor Code.  We have served the College of Engineering for over 100 years and strive to make the process as thorough and accommodating as possible for all students involved. The Council assumes students are not responsible until proven otherwise and ensures impartiality.  We recruit investigators and faculty that represent many departments within the College to give each case a holistic view.