Leadership Development and DEI Resources for CoE Student Organizations

COVID Update: Due to the Coronavirus, we have had to cancel all of our in person Leadership Trainings. We know that many org leaders still need to complete one or more sessions, so we have developed new leadership training options with content that will hopefully help you during this time, which can be found here. If you need to complete a leadership training, please choose and complete one of these options, if you still need to complete two trainings, please choose and complete two of these options. If you are responding to an article, please send your responses to mariahmo@umich.edu to receive credit. 

Leadership Development Opportunities

The Office of Student Affairs hosts several leadership development workshops each semester that are free to all students active within student organizations. CoE SSO executive board members are required to attend at least two workshops, per person, per academic year. Information about these events can be found on the CoE Student Org Deadline Calendar.

For students who cannot attend the leadership development workshops hosted through OSA or who are looking for other opportunities, events and workshops through the following offices have been pre-approved for use as semesterly workshops for student leaders:

CCI Leadership Events

**Please note, if you are a CoE SSO executive board member who is attending one of the workshops that is not on the CoE Student Org Deadline Calendar, then you will need to send a couple sentence reflection to Mariah Fiumara on your experience at your leadership training session in order to receive credit.**

If a student leader feels they have found an event or workshop that fits the learning goals that are identified through OSA for leaders of student organizations, they are encouraged to reach out to Mariah Fiumara about the potential to count this for their required workshops.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

CoE Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs) are asked to create 2-year DEI strategic plans for their organizations which addressed a specific area of diversity or identity within engineering. Student organizations are now asked to meet with graduate intern Bee Taylor once a semester to re-evaluate their DEI plan as the groups are coming to the end of their plans. Students are welcome to schedule a meeting with Bee more than once about other topics around DEI and the culture of CoE.

New student organizations or those who wish to overhaul their DEI plan are able to view an example plan here. This is not the only way that one can be laid out or written, but this is one way that many groups have chosen to do theirs. Other types of plans or organizational templates can be easily found online or through other sources if an organization so chooses.

Additionally, students and student organizations can bring issues and concerns of equity and inclusion to the Advocates of Diversity in Engineering, who are a student group devoted to bringing DEI concepts and issues to the forefront of all engineering work at Michigan. Students who would like to share experiences within the Wilson Center are able to do so in the Wilson Center Suggestion Box.