Engineering Engaged Student Organizations

ATLAS logo

Technology is expanding faster than ever. In today’s increasingly tech-oriented world, keeping up to date with the latest innovations and technologies in the industry is a necessity for a business’s success. Our organization caters to this need by providing clients with the latest technological solutions. Our talented team of consultants based in the University of Michigan provides a wide range of pro-bono services in full-stack development ranging from web development to machine learning solutions.

 A student-run organization dedicated to analysis of information regarding new technologies, policies, and updates as well as professional development in the automotive industry.

Automotive Future writes articles about development in the automotive industry from a student’s perspective, hosts industry interviews with speakers across various industries, and encourages professional development by connecting students across the country to engage with the automotive industry.

ARI logo

The Alternate Reality Initiative (ARI) is a student organization at the University of Michigan centered around virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology. After seeing a lack of a centralized community, we created ARI to provide a hub and community for students interested in XR technology.

ASB-C logo

Alternative Spring Break-Chicago (ASB-C) is a collaborative effort between the College of Engineering and student leaders that is designed to generate excitement about college and the field of engineering. ASB-C works directly with public and charter high schools, as well as community-based programs that encourage a college-going culture among the city’s youth. The annual trip to Chicago incorporates hands-on engineering design projects to captivate interest and exemplify engineering.  ASB-C also encourages Chicago students to pursue college education through student panels on college life, preparation, and tips of success.

The Amateur Radio Club, using the FCC Callsigns W8UM & W8AXZ, is located in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building. The station equipment features the latest in software-defined transceivers, auto-tune amplifiers, test equipment, and a complement of high-performance HF, UHF, VHF, and satellite antennas. Members frequently participate in communication contests using voice, Morse code and digital modes, emergency communications, signal propagation projects as well as proving technical support for on-going student research activities across campus. The Club also maintains VHF (145.230 MHz), UHF (444.975 MHz) and HF (29.640 MHz) repeaters located in Weiser Hall.

Audio Engineering Society logo

The Audio Engineering Society at the University of Michigan hots a wide variety of events every semester dealing with all things audio. From hosting recording and mixing sessions with guest engineers to organizing circuit bending and cable building workshops, our events try to encompass a bit of everything. All skill levels and backgrounds are welcome to participate in events.

Our goal is to revolutionize the field of biological research by ensuring that the necessary resources and funding for impactful research are available to everyone. BioCatalyst offers a platform where students can access space, resources, funding, and guidance to bring their research ideas to life. Through this community, we aim to facilitate meaningful research and transform the culture of undergraduate biology not only at Michigan but also beyond.

Bluelab logo

BLUElab is a student organization composed of 8 project teams that are united through a sustainable, socially engaged design process. We believe that design is about people, and that the best designs are sustainable, taking into account all social, economic, and environmental impacts. For these reasons, our project teams are multidisciplinary and emphasize collaboration with local and international stakeholders to ensure that identified needs (typically in the areas of agriculture, education, energy, resource management, and water) are appropriately addressed. We offer students the opportunity to hone their interpersonal skills, engage in social responsibility, participate in an interactive design experience, and develop as servant leaders.


BlueLab EASE is a student engineering design team at the University of Michigan. We aim to create sustainable solutions by engaging with local communities and partnering with non-profits that also prioritize socially engaged design.

BLUElab Metro

Our mission is to co-design technology to address community-identified needs, amplifying the voices of community members who are most impacted by systemic urban shortcomings. As a multidisciplinary student-run design team, we focus on sustainable, socially-engaged designs created through strong community partnerships, empowering the people that we work with.

sa nima logo

Sa’ Nima’ collaborative began as its own group, which worked with the community of Samox San Lucas, Guatemala to develop a biosand water filter that they installed in their schoolyard. The group members also worked with the schools to teach English, and planned after school activities that taught the kids science and math. The team joined BLUELab a few years ago when they began to pursue a solar lantern project with Samox. The team worked for two years to design and implement these lanterns, but finances and communication led the team to reevaluate and perform a needs assessment during the summer of 2016. They identified a variety of needs within several communities and have decided to pursue their next project in the region of Primavera del Ixcán, Guatemala.

woven wind logo

BLUElab’s Woven Wind’s mission is to design, build, and implement small-scale wind turbines in order to collaborate with educational communities to engage students and the general public in STEM fields and renewable energy. Through our work, we aim to serve society by developing sustainable, safe, and functional devices that act as educational tools to both our organization and our partners.

Blockchain At Michigan

Our mission is to prepare students to excel in the Blockchain space by providing professional development opportunities alongside industry partners, building educational resources with multidisciplinary facets, and aiding students in meaningful research and project development in DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

Cantor Coding and Trading is a quantitative trading-focused club with project-based learnings. We cultivate skills in programming, mathematics, and finance through independent assessments, mentorship from upperclassmen, and collaborative, cutting-edge projects. Our mission here at Cantor is to cultivate excellence in academics and professional development for students interested in programming and quantitative finance through process-driven member education and handpicked projects. As a member of Cantor, you can expect to learn a lot about quantitative finance and algorithmic trading while developing important collaborative skills.

Climate Blue logo

The mission of Climate Blue is to unite, educate, and empower our members as well as U-M students and Michigan citizens by making them more knowledgeable about climate change, science, policy (both domestic and international), and its impacts on our community. We are uniquely tied to the Conference of the Parties as we send the official University of Michigan delegation, made up of students and faculty, to it each year. The Conference of Parties is the most prominent international meeting on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Michigan Computer Graphics was founded this year to kickstart a community for those interested in the intersection of technology and the arts at UofM. At MCG, our goal is to offer a unique platform to explore, discuss, learn, and engage with the various disciplines of computer graphics. Whether you’re completely new to the area and curious to learn more, or an experienced enthusiast looking to enhance your skills and join a welcoming community, we have something for anyone who shares an interest in impressive and innovative technology.

EEP logo

Engineering Elementary Partnerships provides early exposure to engineering careers through student led, human-centered, interactive design experiences and sustained mentorship with undergraduate engineering students. 

ESPA logo

Founded in Fall of 2017, Engaging Scientists in Policy and Advocacy (ESPA) aims to promote the participation of research scientists in policy and advocacy. We are an interdisciplinary group of undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff at the University of Michigan, ranging from chemistry to public policy. The goals of this group is to provide training and implementation for two skills: 1. Effective science advocacy and communication, and  2. Comprehension and analysis of science policy. Both of the above skills are vital for the professional development of aspiring science policy professionals, as well as the engagement of scientists as public citizens. Additionally, many of our events help members engage with the public and government, providing valuable opportunities to build trust in scientists and science.

eTrek logo

eTrek is an annual trip for University of Michigan Engineering Graduate Students to Israel to explore the unique technical and academic community and experience Israel’s unique culture. 

FAMNM logo

FAMNM is a University of Michigan student organization devoted to organizing student and departmental efforts to support the FIRST® program locally and throughout the state of Michigan. FAMNM offers college students the opportunity to volunteer in the various FIRST® programs and events, provides funding for teams, and acts as a liaison between teams and various university departments.

GSDA logo

The mission of Genes in Diseases and Symptoms is to advocate genetic research for diseases by learning how they affect the biological and psychological aspects of an individual. The club assists high schoolers in researching the disease’s biological change on a person, while also learning how to independently perform and publish genetics research.

Invent logo

INvent is a platform for students who wish to do collaborative work at  High Schools in Peru and Colombia by  implementing STEM Programs during a volunteer summer abroad experience. 

MECC logo

MECC Consulting Group is a premier pro-bono student consulting organization at the University of Michigan. This organization provides highly analytical, data driven, and business-minded students the opportunity to engage in hands on projects with local companies. With over 50 members in diverse engineering and business fields, MECC is dedicated to adding impact at local clients through semester-long projects, exposing members to prospective employers through networking events, and growing out members through professional development sessions. 

Med Launch logo

MedLaunch empowers students to innovate in healthcare. We work at the intersection of art, science and technology to design solutions to help local community partners afflicted by various health conditions. At the same time, we focus on educating students about socially engaged design through interactive workshops. Our mission is to show that anyone has the ability to design effective solutions given the right resources and mentorship. Students of all majors are encouraged to apply!

MECG is a pro-bono consulting group for engineering majors at the University of Michigan. Through education sessions, client projects, speaker events, social events, and trips, engineering majors will be a part of a fun work environment while provided with hands-on projects and learning opportunities to expose members to what a consulting career could look like.

MGCC logo

The Michigan Graduate Consulting Club (MGCC) aims to support University of Michigan graduate students and post docs interested in pursuing careers in the consulting industry. To this end, we host different events including weekly case practice meetings, company info sessions, and our annual case competition. We also provide resources and personal development services that are necessary for success in consulting interviews. 

Michigan Investment Group

Michigan Investment Group is Michigan’s first investment group focused on the intersection of Finance & Technology. MIG has two groups: a fundamental investing team that analyzes and pitches equities across a diverse range of sectors, and an algorithmic trading team that develops software to buy and sell stocks in real-time using hundreds of thousands of data points. MIG members jointly manage an equity fund, while also leading education and networking sessions with the top finance and technology firms.

Founded in 2006, M-HEAL is a student organization at the University of Michigan that fosters interdisciplinary work in global health and design with under-served communities using human-centered design philosophy. We engage students through project teams each working to develop a healthcare technology, as well as through hosting guest lectures, interactive workshops, and volunteer opportunities. In all of our activities, we focus on our core goals: education, service, community, development, and sustainability.

M-Fab is a community for students who like to make stuff. We provide access to machine tooling, space, and mentorship so you can bring your creative visions to life.

Michigan hackers logo

Michigan Hackers is a community where passionate students can build and grow relevant skills in a technological and fast-paced world.  Our end goal is to provide high-quality resources for any and all students to become more competent members of society (technically, socially, and professionally) with a computer science twist. While connecting students to projects, skills, faculty, companies, and more, we hope to make a large university feel smaller and forge lifelong bonds in an inclusive environment while also bridging passionate people together.

MHacks logo

Students from across the world come to MHacks to build amazing things, transform dreams into realities, and to meet other people with the same level of passion to build their future. 

MTSO logo

The Michigan Transportation Student Organization is a club for students interested in transportation planning and engineering. This group is primarily geared toward students of Taubman College and the College of Engineering, though all students interested are welcome to join. 

The National Organization for Business and Engineering is dedicated to providing students the opportunity to grow in technical and business acumen through engaging in meaningful projects.

Pre-med hub logo

Pre-Med Hub is an organization dedicated to providing an additional and more accessible resource for pre-med students across campus.  We offer an online forum for University of Michigan students to ask and answer questions related to the pre-med track, including scheduling and classes, the MCAT, and summer activities. We also offer weekly peer advising hours on campus for students to come in and meet us in person!

Science Olympiad logo

Science Olympiad is a science-based competition, composed of various events meant to test students on science-related concepts. UM Science Olympiad hosts an annual invitational for middle and high school students to prepare them for regional and state competitions. There’s a range of ways volunteers can get involved, including being event supervisors or general volunteers on competition day.

Sling Health is a student-run group that facilitates bio-engineering design and entrepreneurship on campus. This incubator brings together student teams from various backgrounds to address medical issues and improve healthcare. Teams are made up of health-focused students, such as medical, engineering, law, and business students, to bring their expertise to the problems facing healthcare today. 

Tech for social good logo

Tech for Social Good is an organization committed to fostering a space for people who want to advocate for social justice causes through the lens of working in technology. We aim to do this by creating a campus-wide dialogue on interdisciplinary tech issues and by enabling students to get involved with the community and work on tech projects for local nonprofits.

Theme Park Engineering Group logo

The Theme Park Engineering Group at the University of Michigan is a voluntary student organization with a goal to introduce students to the themed entertainment and theme park design industries. We strive to achieve this by emphasizing professional development, collaborative thinking, and engineering real-world solutions.

University of Michigan 3D Printing Club

The University of Michigan 3D Printing Club organizes projects, competitions, and collaborative learning workshops to ultimately enhance the knowledge and increase interest in the field of additive manufacturing. A new project is introduced every month of the school year. All majors are welcome – 3D printing is applicable to all majors.

UpRound logo

UpRound’s mission is to support and enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Michigan and across the region. UpRound’s primary activities are designed to source, accelerate, and write checks out of our fund to startups. UpRound recruits and provides rich education to new members every semester, while providing a space for students passionate about entrepreneurship to bond, develop, and innovate. Additionally, we partner with Plug and Play, Detroit Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners and others to create exclusive career pathways and opportunities for our analysts within the venture capital space.

V1 is the community for ambitious student builders — engineers, artists, designers, founders, scientists, and more. We provide the most driven students with an extraordinary network, exclusive opportunities within startups, and mentorship to grow and achieve great things.

UMARC logo

Interested in experimenting with the science and technology of radio? Want to learn how to communicate across the world without needing access to the Internet? Do you want to be part of a hundred-plus-year tradition of research, scientific exploration, and community service? Look no further than amateur radio! The University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club, callsign W8UM, is one of the oldest college radio clubs in the country, in operation since 1913.

Wolverine soft logo

WolverineSoft is the premier game development community at the University of Michigan. Our goal is to support game developers on campus, and to ensure the success of U of M students in the video game industry. All developers are welcome to join the group —  we are open to artists, musicians, coders, designers, producers and anybody else who is interested in making video games.

wolvsec logo

WolvSec is a resident cybersecurity Capture the Flag (CTF) team at the University of Michigan.

Wolverine Sports Analytics (WSA) is a student-led club focused on sports analytics. While we are data science nerds, we love sports and have a vision to utilize our skills to analyze sports. Our club is open to any interested Michigan students (regardless of major) looking for projects to tackle, learn new data science skills, and interact with a community of similar interests.