Domestic Travel

Student organizations often choose to travel to attend conferences, host programs and events, and increase their impact in the local and metro-Detroit communities. As you plan the travel, please contact Mariah Moss in Engineering Student Affairs if you have questions or need assistance in developing your plans.

Travel Registration

Student organizations should complete the Domestic Travel Registration form as they confirm their travel plans. This informs the College of your activities and prompts logistical and funding assistance as requested.

Vehicle Rental

Student organizations (SSO or VSO status) are eligible to rent vehicles from the University.To reserve a vehicle from the University Fleet, please complete the Vehicle Reservation Form and submit them directly to the Transportation Office as instructed on the documentation. Minivans, station wagons and sedans are available for rental. Please submit the request as soon as possible to ensure availability.

Engineering student organizations can apply for funding for vehicle rental through the College funding application process.

For student organizations who are traveling for community service or outreach, consider using the Ginsberg Center vehicles.