How to Use Your Funds

PCard Request:

Your student organization may be able to use a University Pcard to assist you in making your purchases. The student organization is still responsible for the expense, but this process avoids student reimbursements. To start the process, please complete the PCard use request form.

  • An authorized signer must complete the form
  • The use of the Pcard is dependent upon availability and is subject to change.
  • Your purchase must be over $150.
  • Completing the request form does not guarantee that the OSA will be able to assist your organization, only that your request is reviewed.
  • The Pcard request must be completed at least 10 business days before the purchase is needed.
  • Any materials purchased with the Pcard must be delivered to an on-campus address.

You will be contacted by OSA once your request has been reviewed. We will then direct you further on how to proceed with securing the payment.

Funding Sources Outside of the College and University:

  • The University of Michigan only acknowledges gifts made to Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs) or Sponsored Events. Sponsored Events require an Event Sponsorship Agreement on file with the Office of Student Affairs. If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Wegner
  • As student organization leaders, you must  be clear in communications with industry how the funding will be received by the University.
  • For those funds raised by student groups that are NOT intended to be gifts, the funds can be deposited directly into SOAS accounts. Make sure you check with the contributor on the intention of any money that is given to your society or team.
  • In-kind contributions may be eligible for gift status. Please contact Jennifer Wegner to manage receipt of in-kind contributions.

Travel Advance Funds Request:

Student organizations can request Travel Advance Funds for travel expenses incurred while away from Ann Arbor on an organizational activity. Participating in this program allows student organizations to have access to funds during travel without burdening individual members by paying for travel via personal funds up front. The funds come from the organization’s SOAS account and are processed through the Office of Student Affairs.  After the trip, all remaining money, used funds, and receipts must return to the Office of Student Affairs within the designated time frame. There are some restrictions with travel advances (acceptable expenses and not acceptable expenses) so a travel advance is prepared only after the org meets with the Office of Student Affairs. Please note that requesting a travel advance does not guarantee that the Office of Student Affairs will support the request.    If you are interested in using a travel advance, please complete the following at least 3 weeks prior to departure:

  • Create an estimated cost budget (including cost amounts and the vendor)
  • Schedule an agreement signing meeting which includes an authorized signer for the student organization and the person receiving the travel advance.

Please email Mariah Moss at  with the budget in order to schedule a meeting.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mariah or Jennifer Wegner.