Receiving Funds

Funding Sources Outside of the College and University:

Student organizations are allowed to receive outside funds in order to help cover various costs. However, the University of Michigan only acknowledges gifts made to Sponsored Student Organizations (SSO) or Sponsored Events. Sponsored Events require an Event Sponsorship Agreement to be on file with the Office of Student Affairs.  Due to the complexity of gifts, as student organization leaders you must be clear in communications with your donors regarding how the funding will be received by the University.

**Please be aware that these processes do vary depending on whether the student organization is registered as a VSO or an SSO. Before accepting any money, be sure to review the appropriate documents below. If you are not sure if your organization is a VSO or an SSO, please contact Mariah Fiumara to confirm your status.

Also, in-kind contributions may be eligible for gift status. Please contact Mariah Fiumara if you have any questions, to verify the status/requirements of a funding source, or to manage the receipt of in-kind contributions.

SSO Guide to Gift Processing  (PDF)

VSO-Guide-to-Gift-Processing (PDF)  & VSO Guide to Event Sponsorship (PDF)

ENG In-Kind Donations Procedures (SSO only) (PDF)

ENG Auction Processing Guidelines (SSO only) (PDF)

Crowdfunding for SSOs

Sponsored student organizations are allowed to raise money through crowdfunding, also known as third-party online fundraising. However, in order to be in compliance with the IRS and to best serve donors, student organizations need to strictly follow the best practices and policies outlined in the crowdfunding guide below.

Crowdfunding Guide (SSO only) (PDF)

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Mariah Fiumara.