Individual Students

Individual students are able to request funds from the College of Engineering for a variety of reasons including assistance with funding for conferences, special events/programs, and internship support among others. To apply for this funding please fill out the application at the link below. Please note that this fund is not for tuition support or emergency circumstances. If you need assistance with tuition or funding due to an emergency, please visit our scholarship website:

College Student Funding Inquiry Form

******Important Note for Undergraduate Students ONLY: Before requests can be submitted to the review committee, financial need must be demonstrated per the FAFSA, and the current financial aid package must not be negatively impacted, according to the guidelines set by the Office of Financial Aid and federal government.******

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, funding for travel is limited and needs Dean’s level approval. This process will be administered by OSA once you submit your funding application, but will require more time to be completed and will require you to register your travel.