2006-07 CoE Graduate Student Achievements

2007 Outstanding GSI Award (presented by ASEE)
Student instructors are nominated by their undergraduate students and selected by an evaluation committee at the end of the term.

  • Hao Chen – Biomedical Engineering
  • Mark Pankow – Mechanical Engineering
  • Fernando de Resende – Chemical Engineering
  • Tsai-Wei Wu – EECS
  • Richard Hill – Mechanical Engineering

Honorable Mentions:

  • Sindhu Kutty – EECS
  • Trushal Chokshi – EECS
  • Dong-Hee Lim – Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Chi-Wei Wang – EECS
  • Cosmin Maier – EECS

International Institute Individual Fellowship Recipient
These awards are $2,000 each and support students at all academic levels conducting research or participating in internships abroad.

  • Joachim Klima, ME–Cameroon

Rackham Distinguished Dissertation Awards
The purpose of the awards, each of which includes a $1,000 honorarium, is to recognize exceptional and unusually interesting work produced by doctoral students in the last phase of their graduate work.

  • Guoqing Chang, EECS

2007 National Science Foundation Fellowship Recipients
The Graduate Research Fellowship provides three years of support for graduate study leading to research-based master’s or doctoral degrees and is intended for students who are at the early stages of their graduate study. The Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) invests in graduate education for a cadre of diverse individuals who demonstrate their potential to successfully complete graduate degree programs in disciplines relevant to the mission of the National Science Foundation.

  • Thomas Babinec, MSE
  • Sarah Ballard, IOE
  • Eric Dattoli, EECS
  • Megan DeFauw, IOE
  • Julianna Evans, ME
  • Anthony Fader, EECS
  • Amanda Funai, EECS
  • Michael McDonald, Aero
  • Anna Mitsak, BME
  • Daniel Opila, ME
  • Rebecca Stoloff, ME

Association for Computing Machinery International Symposium on Physical Design Winners
EECS students Jarrod Roy, from the Advanced Computer Architecture Lab, and Michael Moffitt, from the Artificial Intelligence Lab, were honored on Tuesday, March 20, at the Association for Computing Machinery International Symposium on Physical Design in Austin, Texas, for their winning entries in the inaugural Global Routing Contest. Roy’s router FGR took first place in the 2D category and ranked third in the 3D category. Moffitt’s router MaizeRoute took first place in the 3D category and was second in the 2D category.

2007 Michigan Business Challenge
AOSS PhD students Jason Gilbert and Judy Yu, along with MBA student Michael Barfuss, won the Williamson Award for Outstanding Business and Engineering Team in the 2007 Michigan Business Challenge. The team won for MSignS, a service that enables real-time translation from spoken English to American Sign Language on any internet-capable device.

2007 UM Outstanding Student Leader Award Displayed outstanding academic achievement. Demonstrated on-going flexibility, creativity, and perseverance in efforts. Made a meaningful contribution to students, University and surrounding communities through responsible stewardship. Valued diversity. Included other organization/department members in planning and implementing events. Inspired others. Was able to articulate and share a vision. Motivated the group. Was willing to address existing problems. Valued feedback from others. Made her/himself available to group members, and brought out strengths and talents of individual group members. Was committed to working with and for others. Exemplified integrity in all words and actions. Demonstrated initiative by seeking ways to challenge the present and enrich the future.

  • Jessica TerBush, MSE

2007 Distinguished Achievement Award
Recipients of the Distinguished Achievement Award are chosen by department and program faculty to recognize academic and personal excellence.

  • Thomas Liu, Aero
  • Emily Christianson, AOSS
  • Mohammad Reza Abidian, BME
  • Wendy Comisar, ChE
  • Andres Clarens, CEE
  • Jonathan Brown, CSE
  • Dahan Liao, EE
  • Raghuram Rangarajan, EE:Sys
  • Jing Li, IOE
  • Lang Sui, MSE
  • Santy Sulaiman, Macro
  • Songtao Tang, ME
  • Jamison Szwalek, NAME
  • Jason Hayward, NRES

2007 CoE Distinguished Leadership Award
The Distinguished Leadership Award is presented to those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership through their contributions to the college and/or the community.

  • Kevin Carter, EECS
  • Angela Dixon, BME
  • Manuel Hernandez, BME
  • Marcial Lapp, EECS
  • Jennifer Lee, MSE
  • Kristin Mills, ME
  • Tiberius Moran, NERS
  • John Redmond, ME
  • Shintaro Taniguchi, AOSS

2007 CoE Marian Sarah Parker Prize
The Parker Prize is presented to an outstanding woman graduate student who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities and outstanding contributions to the University and/or community.

  • Jessica Kemppainen, BME

2007 Ivor K. McIvor Award
Presented to a graduate student in recognition of outstanding scholastic and research performance in Applied Mechanics.

  • Nalin Chaturvedi, Aero
  • Paul Podsiadlo, ChE

2007 CoE Elaine Harden Award The Elaine Harden Award recognizes the Michigan Engineering student society that best exemplifies its ideals of leadership and service.

  • Movement of Underrepresented Sisters in Engineering and Science (MUSES)

2007 Barbour Scholarship Recipients

  • Rita Elias Awwad, CEE
  • Dan Ruan, EECS

2007 Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship Recipients

  • Francesco Andriulli, EECS
  • Daniel Estes, BME
  • Anthony Lachawiec, ChE
  • Aditya Mahajan, EECS
  • Eranda Nikolla, ChE
  • Kyung-Ho Roh, Macro
  • Leonardo Costa Scalabrin, Aero
  • Jesse Thomas, Aero
  • Yuanyuan Tian, EECS

2007 MLK Spirit Awards
Each year the MLK Spirit Awards celebration honors North Campus students whose leadership and service has exemplified the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Graduate Award Winners:

  • Richard Ezike, ChE
  • Erin MacDonald, ME
  • Tara Jackson, CEE

Umbrella Inside Out Design Competition Winner
When the rains come, a Crayella can keep you dry, while scoring points for sustainability. A Crayella is an eco-friendly umbrella designed by ME doctoral student Erin MacDonald and her former classmates. It’s also the product that recently took first place in the on-line Umbrella Inside Out design competition, a project of the Sustainable Style Foundation, in collaboration with TreeHugger.com and International Design magazine. In one orientation, the Crayella’s oval canopy shields a backpack and its owner from the rain while remaining narrow enough to navigate through crowds. A ninety-degree rotation of the Crayella allows for coverage of two people side-by-side. When the votes were tallied at the end of the competition in September, the Crayella umbrella received almost double the votes of the runner-up. SchoxPLC, a law firm specializing in intellectual property, has offered to draft a Provisional Patent Application for the Crayella design free of charge, enabling the team to see if it’s possible to make a valid business out of this product. For details and pictures, go to http://umbrella.treehugger.com/finalists/crayella_umbrella.php.

2006/07 Rackham International Student Fellowship Recipients

  • Francesco Andrulli, EECS
  • Amir Behzadan, CEE
  • Amir Hormati, EECS
  • Yun Ju Lee, ME
  • Cheng Zhou, AOSS

2006 CoE Graduate Student Symposium Presentation Winners

  • Arnold Allenic, MSE
  • Smitesh Bakrania, ME
  • Amir Behzadan, CEE
  • Jessica Bickel, MSE
  • Swapnajit Chakravarty, EE
  • Chia-Yuan Chang, ME
  • Kyoungjoon Chang, ME
  • Andres Clarens, CEE
  • Kiran D’Souza, ME
  • Yaseen Elkasabi, ChE
  • Tulga Ersal, ME
  • Peter Gustafon, AE
  • Youngsuk Heo, Macro
  • Tsung-Chin Hou, CEE
  • Dongeun Huh, BME
  • Gi Suk Hwang, ME
  • Jarod Kelly, ME
  • Dong Joo Kim, CEE
  • Woo Kyun Kim, ME
  • Timothy King, ChE
  • Jasper Kok, AP
  • Serge LiHoiFoo-Gregory, ME
  • Andreas Malikopoulos, ME
  • Khamir Mehta, ChE
  • Kristen Mills, ME
  • Sibasish Mukherjee, MSE
  • Paul Podsiadlo, ChE
  • Brian Puchala, MSE
  • Li Qiao, AE
  • Scott Rudolph, EE
  • Lora Schulwitz, EE
  • Donghwan Seo, MSE
  • Na Jin Seo, IOE
  • Abhishek Shetty, ChE
  • Lang Sui, MSE
  • Yoshifumi Suzuki, AE
  • Songtao Tang, ME
  • Eric Tkaczyk, EE
  • Joseph Wallace, BME
  • Changxu Wu, IOE
  • Handa Xi, NAME
  • Sun Yi, ME
  • Jing Zhong, IOE

Tauber Manufacturing Institute (TMI) Spotlight Competition Winners

  • 1st Place: Taoufik El Khazzani, IOE
  • 2nd Place: Samantha Jarema, IOE
  • 3rd Place: Nitin Sharma, InterPro
  • Honorable Mention: Jens Nielsen, IOE

CSE Students and Staff Take First Place in Windows CE Shared Source Contest

  • Zhigang Chen (EECS: CSE)
  • Xin Hu (EECS: CSE)

United Negro College Fund/Merck Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowship

  • Glenda Pettway, BME