2007-08 CoE Graduate Student Achievements

2008 Outstanding GSI Award (presented by ASEE)
Student instructors are nominated by their undergraduate students and selected by an evaluation committee at the end of the term.

  • Gisuk Hwang, ME
  • Andrew Laskowski, ChE
  • Mo Li, CEE
  • Joonki Noh, EECS
  • Kristen Tebo, MSE

Honorable Mentions:

  • Dustin Chang, ChE
  • Jason Huang, ChE
  • Arvind Jayaraman, EECS
  • Michael Lau, IOE
  • Jongwon Lee, CEE
  • Johnny Chung-Yin Tsai, ME

2008 CoE Distinguished Leadership Award
The Distinguished Leadership Award is presented to those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership through their contributions to the college and/or the community.

  • April Bryan, ME
  • Nicole Campbell, Applied Physics
  • Abhishek Chatterjee, CEE
  • Irina Dolinskaya, IOE
  • Joshua Jackson, BME
  • Baylee Miller, IOE
  • Emily Wolters, NERS

2008 CoE Distinguished Achievement Award
Recipients of the Distinguished Achievement Award are chosen by department and program faculty to recognize academic and personal excellence.

  • Taeyoung Lee, Aero
  • Alex Glocer, AOSS
  • Daniel Estes, BME
  • Christopher Iacovella, ChE
  • Rita Awwad, CEE
  • Yuanyuan Tian, CSE
  • Scott Hanson, EE
  • Joonki Noh, EE:S
  • Shervin Ahmadbeygi, IOE
  • Obi Ezekoye, MSE
  • Charles Shaw, Macro
  • Gaurav Bansal, ME
  • Xiaoyan Yan, NAME
  • Troy Becker, NERS

2008 CoE Marian Sarah Parker Prize
The Parker Prize is presented to an outstanding woman graduate student who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities and outstanding contributions to the University and/or community.

  • Irina Dolinskaya, IOE

2008 CoE Harry B. Benford Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Jeffrey Hendricks, BME

2008 CoE Elaine Harden Award The Elaine Harden Award recognizes the Michigan Engineering student society that best exemplifies its ideals of leadership and service.

  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

2008 Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship Recipients

  • Kevin Haworth, Applied Physics
  • Christopher Iacovella, ChE
  • Myung-Gyu Kang, EE
  • Jasper Kok, Applied Physics
  • Ju Seop Lee, EE
  • Jungwoo Lee, BME
  • Himabindu Nandivada, ChE
  • Brian Puchala, MSE
  • Mingoo Seok, EE
  • Chetana Singh, ChE
  • Ying Zhang, CSE

UM Outstanding New Member Award

  • Yuxing Yun, AOSS

Cleantech Venture Challenge Winners

  • Ruba Borno, EECS
  • Tzeno Galchev, EECS
  • Jim Beyer, ME

2007 MLK Spirit Awards
Each year the MLK Spirit Awards celebration honors North Campus students whose leadership and service has exemplified the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Graduate Award Winners:

  • Nicole Campbell, Applied Physics
  • Tiberius Moran-Lopez, NERS

Rackham International Student Fellowships

  • Srijanani Bhaskar, Macro
  • Abhishek Chatterjee, CEE
  • Xue Chen, ChE
  • Hesamoddin Jahanian, BME
  • Philip Park, CEE

GEM National Conference: “The Most Promising PhD Fellow Award”

  • Nicole Campbell, Applied Physics

Tauber Institute Annual Spotlight Competition:

First Place

  • Michael Koester, InterPro
  • John Nanry, IOE

Second Place

  • Kyle Chicutt, EECS

Third Place

  • Michael Duboe, IOE