Resources for Student Organizations Working Remotely

Below are resources that the Office of Student Affairs and CCI has complied that student organizations can take advantage of when trying to work remotely or in a hybrid fashion.

Virtual Meetings and Elections Support

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can be used to hold online meetings with auto-transcription, connect with colleagues in a chat room, host a webinar, or collaborate on documents. Departments, student organizations, or other groups that use Microsoft documents or spreadsheets may find Teams to be a useful way to stay connected.


Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings, and provides the option for meeting recordings. Zoom offers high-quality video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing across Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom Rooms, and H.323/SIP room systems.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a website that can be for virtual student elections – this allows you to have anonymous voting, allows you to limit the number of responses from people, create private links so that only those that have the link can vote, and other such settings. Be aware that Poll Everywhere only allows for responses from 25 people on any given poll.

Survey Monkey

If you are looking to host a poll or election that requires more than 25 people to vote on a given poll, try Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey is more frequently used for surveying and requesting feedback but can be customized to create election polls and does not have limits on the number of responses.


UM gives all students, staff, and faculty access to Qualtrics, which can be customized to create elections surveys that are very simple to extremely advanced.

Remote Resource Guide

Here are additional resources that could help with unique situations

Conducting Outreach Virtually

Virtual Resources from the Children on Campus Resource Folder

Here are additional resources that could help with virtual event planning that involves the interaction with minors.

Google Classrooms

Google Classroom is a virtual classroom that can help teachers and students work together, create and submit assignments, and boost communication.


CampDoc is an electronic health record system for camps and programs which allows families to fill out required forms and medical information and sign required documents in an easy-to-use platform.

Children on Campus Requirments Powerpoint 

The CoC Requirments PowerPoint has links to the Virtual Checklist, Participation Waiver and Checklist, and the U-M Safe Computing Policy. Although no minors will be on campus during an event, because the event is still hosted by the University, Children on Campus policies still apply to virtual events. In addition, be aware that there is an age restriction on the UM Supported programs: Google Suite and Zoom (13 & under). BlueJeans is not an appropriate platform to use when working with minors. 

Organizational Transitions

CCI Outgoing Officer Advice from the CCI Advisor Resource Folder

This document allows an outgoing officer to document any important contacts that the incoming officer should know coming into their position as well as their contact information, so the transition of data is smooth and seamless.

CoE VSO Registration Checklist and CoE SSO Registration Checklist

These checklists can be used to ensure that your organization has completed the necessary steps to register or re-register as an organization with the College of Engineer and have submitted all forms and paperwork correctly. Any important dates and timelines can be found here as well.

Transition Goal Setting from the CCI Advisor Resource Folder

This document is a good exercise in creating goals for an organization or position using SMART goals to address what types of goals the incoming officer would like to achieve and what types of actions are needed to achieve them. This can be used throughout the officer’s term to track progress on goals as well, or it can be edited during the transition period to address what goals were accomplished by the outgoing officer and what the incoming officer would like to accomplish moving forward.

Brainstorming/Group Management Tools


Miro allows groups to collaborate on brainstorming activities and create mind maps, product designs, and other ways of creative problem-solving. There is a free version as well as a tiered paid version available.


Trello is an organizational communication software that organizes projects for teams with lists, due dates, and connectivity to the Google Suite. The base software is free, with premium features that are paid.


Wrike, a project organization management tool, offers many of the same tools and services as Trello with a more simple and less graphic format. Wrike also offers a tiered paid scale with a base free option.