Sponsored Student Organizations

MHacks_HackathonRequests for College sponsorship will be reviewed June-September each year. Sponsorship requests received by OSA after September 30 will not be reviewed; orgs should pursue sponsored event opportunities if they miss the sponsorship window. Organizations must be active as an Engineering-affiliated student organization and recognized in Maize Pages for at least one year before sponsorship is considered. Sponsorship renewal is not a given, adherence to the process and a quality submission clearly answering the questions is required. The sponsorship process must be followed completely for your request to be considered.


Sponsorship Request Process:

  1. Review the sponsorship form provided by the College. This is the only form submission that the College will consider in a sponsorship request.
  2. Complete the answers required in the form (highlighted in yellow). Please be aware that the form is protected, you will only be able to enter text in the required fields. Save frequently as a Word document so that your work is not lost and you have a copy of it for future changes. This enables you to make edits to the same document if needed rather than having to start the form over again.
  3. Send sponsorship agreement form in the Word format to Jen Wegner ( jwegner@umich.edu) for review. All signatures will be obtained during the in-person meetings therefore the fields on pages 4 and 13 cannot be edited.
  4. Your materials will be reviewed and feedback given. If necessary following the review, it will be sent back to the president for further updates. The review process will continue until both parties are okay moving ahead. Please recognize that the College will receive LOTS of these forms and only one person is reviewing them, so patience during this process is appreciated and necessary!
  5. Once the final review is complete, you will receive an email with instructions about the next steps to coordinate an in-person meeting to sign the agreement.
  6. A 30 minute meeting (this may take less time but all meetings will be for at least 30 minutes) will be scheduled to review the agreement details and sign the printed copy (organization president, organization advisor, who must be present at the meeting, and College delegate).
  7. The completed agreement will be electronically sent to the org by OSA to complete the Maize Pages registration process required by the University.

Download the College Sponsorship Form here


College Sponsored Events

The College is willing to consider any VSO request for event sponsorship. VSOs will work with OSA to complete this process. Event sponsorship can be arranged at any time of the year as long as it is at least three weeks in advance of the requested event. To begin, student orgs must prepare three components:


  • preliminary agenda/itinerary of the event
  • one paragraph description of the event
  • preliminary budget (including expenses and income sources)


Send these documents to Mariah Moss (mariahmo@umich.edu) with a request to schedule a meeting for event sponsorship. Use this as your subject line “CAL: Event Sponsorship” and make sure you indicate the org name and who will be attending the meeting in your message. You will work with OSA to complete the required documentation and review the specific guidelines for College event sponsorship. At the event’s conclusion, you must complete the final budget and event summary reports. Failure to do so may prevent future event sponsorship.