Apply for Engineering Affiliation

Beginning in summer 2016, Michigan Engineering is requiring ALL recognized student organizations to apply for Engineering affiliation. This applies to both sponsored and voluntary student organizations. In order to request funding or utilize CoE rooms, your organization must be approved for Engineering affiliation. Your application will be reviewed quickly and notification will be sent to the president. To prevent student org business from interruptions, we strongly encourage you to complete your application ASAP. 

Please note that applying does not mean that your request for Engineering affiliation will be approved. After a recent review to maximize resources, this new system is intended to best support Engineering affiliated student organizations. Simply having Engineering students in the organization will not meet the College’s expectations for affiliations. Further, the information collected will be used to improve student org resources and development in the new year.

Engineering Affiliation Application Form 

Again, this must be completed in order to reserve rooms or receive College funding.