2008-09 CoE Graduate Student Achievements


2009 Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship Recipients

  • Gaurav Bansal, ME
  • Methan Cuddihy, ChE
  • Mohamed Elkasabi, ChE
  • Wei Guo, MSE
  • Amir Hormati, EECS
  • Edward Jan, ChE
  • Jiashi Miao, MSE
  • Joseph Oberding, BME
  • Hyun Joon Oh, MSE
  • Shanna Shaked, AP
  • Jessica TerBush, MSE
  • Xiaojing Wang, AP
  • Emily Wolters, NERS


  • Andreja Jovic, BME
  • Changgue Zhen, MSE
  • Andrew Zimmerman, CEE
2009 UM Outstanding Student Leader Award
Displayed outstanding academic achievement. Demonstrated on-going flexibility, creativity, and perseverance in efforts. Made a meaningful contribution to students, University and surrounding communities through responsible stewardship. Valued diversity. Included other organization/department members in planning and implementing events. Inspired others. Was able to articulate and share a vision. Motivated the group. Was willing to address existing problems. Valued feedback from others. Made her/himself available to group members, and brought out strengths and talents of individual group members. Was committed to working with and for others. Exemplified integrity in all words and actions. Demonstrated initiative by seeking ways to challenge the present and enrich the future.
  • Kiran D’Souza, ME

2009 Outstanding Student Instructor Award (presented by Rackham)
Student instructors are nominated by their undergraduate students and selected by an evaluation committee at the end of the term.

  • David Lorch, BME

2009 Scholar Power Award

2009 CoE Distinguished Leadership Award
The Distinguished Leadership Award is presented to those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership through their contributions to the college and/or the community.

  • Clinique Brundidge, MSE
  • Michael Chang
  • Matt Gibson, BME
  • Andrew Henderson, CEE
  • Scott Moura, ME
  • Diane Peters, ME
  • Tahira Reid, ME
  • David Saftner, CEE
  • Yu Zhou, IOE

2009 CoE Distinguished Achievement Award
Recipients of the Distinguished Achievement Award are chosen by department and program faculty to recognize academic and personal excellence.

  • Peter Hamlington, Aero
  • Cheng Zhou, AOSS
  • Jungwoo Lee, BME
  • Anthony Lachawiec, ChE
  • Andrew Henderson, CEE
  • Britton Wolfe, CSE
  • Emine Cagin, EE
  • Irina Dolinskaya, IOE
  • Jiumei Chen, Macro
  • Wei Guo, MSE
  • Brendan O’Connor, ME
  • Zhen Li, NAME
  • Jinan Yang, NERS

2009 Ivor K. McIvor Award
Presented to a graduate student in recognition of outstanding scholastic and research performance in Applied Mechanics.

  • Kiran X. D’Souza, ME
  • Eugene G. Fahnestock, Aero

2009 CoE Marian Sarah Parker Prize
The Parker Prize is presented to an outstanding woman graduate student who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities and outstanding contributions to the University and/or community.

  • Diane Peters, ME

2009 CoE William Mirsky Award

  • Chul Woo Jung, ME
  • Amy Siwek, ME

2009 CoE Alexander Azarkhin Scholarship

  • Andrew Sloboda, ME

Vestas Competition (Denmark):  International Energy Award

  • 2nd Place: Evan Quasney, InterPro

SHPE National Conference: Graduate Technical Paper Competition

  • 1st Place: Scott Moura, ME

Tauber Institute for Global Operations Spotlight! 2008 Results

First Place: UPS “Landfill Gas Utilization as a Sustainable Energy Source”

  • Thomas Evans, ChE
  • Bruna Ferro, CEE
  • David Heiser, MSE

Second Place: Cummins, Inc. “North American B-Series Engine Remanufacturing Operations Value Stream Assessment”

  • Joshua Johnson, IOE

Third Place (Tie): BorgWarner Transmission Systems “Process Improvement for Global Product Launch”

  • Robert Mersereau, IOE
  • Punit Shah, IOE

Third Place (Tie): Intel Corporation “Effective Hub Networks and Maximized Customer Satisfaction: A Low-Cost Solution”

  • Andrew Lesko, IOE
  • Dan Nathan-Roberts, IOE